Raise donations for charity & earn rewards for every donation you refer
Raise donations for charity in your networks & earn rewards for every donation you refer
Monetize your audience & content
by doing social and environmental good
How it works

Earning referral fees from Incitement’s Partner Program is easy and impactful. The program works the same as most affiliate marketing programs, and uses last-click attribution for new donors, and preferred partner attribution for repeat donors. Learn more about attribution here »

It’s really simple: register and become a partner, promote any of the available charity fundraisers using your unique partner link, and for every donation raised you earn up to a 10% referral fee of the donation amount.

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What you get as a partner
Performance dashboard
Get comprehensive insights into the performance of your links and campaigns.
Access to 1000s of charities
Browse all participating charities conveniently from your partner dashboard.
Earn 10% referral fees
For every donation made to charity via your partner link, you earn referral fees.
Quarterly payments
Quarterly payment of referral fees.

Professional support
A team of professionals is at your disposal on all business days to answer any questions.
Real social impact
Support grassroots organisations to raise the funds they need to collect real social impact.
Who is it for
* Incitement’s partner program is currently only available for Malaysia residents and charities.
Anyone who runs a website, app, blog, podcast, or mailing list…
Anyone who runs a YouTube channel, Facebook page, or has social media following…
Anyone who has a large network of family, friends, colleagues, or students - both online and offline…
May Wong
“Incitement helps us raised more than RM 400,000”
May Wong
Amy Reid
“I’m super thankful to Incitement’s platform, they’ve helped us in so many way!”
Amy Reid
Shy Kit Yong
“Incitement’s platform helped us impact more than 70.000 beneficiaries”
Shy Kit Yong